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Our Lessons

Individually-tailored drum lessons for students of all levels.

Here at Drum Lessons Birmingham learning the drums is all about having a personalized experience that is tailored to you as a student.

I have taught many students over the years, of all ages, and have found from experience that creating a specially-tailored course of lessons for each student is the way I can enthuse and inspire that student to go on to practice at home.

This means that my drum pupils learn to play the drums through the music that they are passionate about and listen to at home.

It also means examining the reasons as to why that student wants to learn to play the drums in the first place, whether to be in a local band, undertake grades or simply for their own pleasure. Whatever your reason for wanting to play the drums I have dedicated lessons to ensure that you will be able to reach those goals. To book your first lesson simply get in touch with me via

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