Music Shops in Birmingham

Find the best places in Birmingham to buy music equipment.

At Drum Lessons Birmingham our students are always looking to upgrade and accessorize their equipment.

The music sales industry is a huge one and so you can only really recommend places that you've shopped at yourself. For this reason, Drum Lessons Birmingham has looked at what the city has to offer in terms of musical instrument retailers, and have compared each to compile this list of Birmingham's best retailers who have a balance of friendly and experienced staff, a large array of stock and of course affordable competitive prices. Enjoy looking for your next instrument.

PMT Birmingham

PMT Birmingham is a well-established music technology chain and has a total of 13 stores across the UK. They stock all sorts of instruments, from keyboards/pianos through to a jungle of guitars and of course drum kits. They stock both acoustic and electric drum sets as well as singular percussion instruments and a variety of drum accessories. They have over 10 separate brands available at reasonable prices, so you can be sure to find equipment here that suits your needs.

PMT Birmingham, Unit 4, Trident Retail Park, 6 Westley Street, Birmingham, B9 4EH.

Telephone: 0121 3595056

Hobgoblin Music

Hobgoblin Music Birmingham is one of a branch business of Hobgoblin Music Stores across the UK. Established in 1976, the business has had it's a fair deal of experience from the music sales industry and as a result of each Hobgoblin store now looks like an old-fashioned sweet shop for the enthusiastic musician. The store in Birmingham relocated to a bigger, more central venue in 2014 and is big on customer support. They will comfortably let you try out instruments you are interested in buying and their renowned staff friendliness will only play in your advantage as knowledgeable employees help you find your perfect instrument. We recommend you give them a visit.

Hobgoblin Music Shop, 8 Priory Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6BS.

Telephone: 0121 2129010


Fair Deal Music

Fair deal music is an all round music store located at 79-83 Holloway Head, Birmingham B1 1QP. Fair Deal Music is Birmingham’s largest independent music brand, proudly serving the music community of the West Midlands since 1987. Their flagship store based in the city centre is home to the largest piano and keyboard department in the Midlands, in addition to housing comprehensive guitar, pro audio, DJ, drums and orchestral departments. The city centre store is open 7 days a week, and is enhanced by multiple online sales channels via our website and third party sales platforms. To meet the growing demand for vintage and pre-loved instruments, They also have a large range of second hand equipment available both in store, and online.


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